This is the API key provided to you by i-parcel.


Whether or not the customer must pay duties up front (at checkout), or whether they can be paid on delivery (false).

Service Level

The type of shipping--UPS i-parcel Express (112) or UPS i-parcel Select (115).

Control Number

This number is needed to ship to certain international locations, otherwise you can leave it blank.

Brazil: Due to the local customs regulations in Brazil, i-parcel is required to obtain your CPF Number in order to facilitate customs clearance on your behalf.

South Africa: Importer Code or ID Number|As of September 1st, 2012 South Africa customs requires your ID Number for all shipments being imported into South Africa up to ZAR25000. For shipments with a value of greater than ZAR25000, importers are required to register with South Africa customs to obtain an importer code. i-parcel policy is to obtain that information prior to export to allow us to clear your parcel quickly upon arrival in South Africa. No additional fees are assessed with fulfilling this requirement and it is used for customs clearance purposes only.

Turkey: As of January 28th, 2010 Turkish customs have made an exemption to allow residents to import online shopping shipments 5 times per year. In order to control this requirement we are required to submit your ID number to customs at the time of clearance.

South Korea: Resident Registration Number|Due to a Korean regulation that took effect in February 2010, details below, i-parcel is required to obtain your resident registration number so that we can clear your parcel through Customs appropriately.