POST api/BannedCatalog

Ban certain skus for all or specified countries.


* Required
Property Description
Key (Guid)
* Your API key from i-parcel.
Skus (List)
* A list of the skus to ban and their countries.
Sku (String)
* The item to ban.
Country (String)
The country in which to ban the item. This can be left blank or null to ban the item in all countries.
Delete (Boolean)
Designates that these are items are to be deleted instead of added.

Request body formats

application/json, text/json

  "Key": "f390c55d-7367-4af1-b517-cbf1768961dc",
  "Skus": [
      "Sku": "12345",
      "Country": "ZA"
      "Sku": "78900",
      "Country": null
  "Delete": false

application/xml, text/xml

<BannedSkusRequest xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
  <Skus xmlns:d2p1="">
      <d2p1:Country i:nil="true" />